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    The shoot for No Shark Fins Singapore campaign with Miss Jessica Tan and WH Mok

    With integrity, my mission is to use my pictures to inspire love for our ocean and all its inhabitants. As an image maker of our natural world, I make my living by selling my pictures. I also accept assignments from advertising agencies, direct clients, tourism offices and publishers. Lifestyle shoots are mainly water oriented and with adequate notice, I am also available to travel to any destination, anywhere in the world.  

    I strive to portray my subjects and scenes in its truest form. They are already beautiful, fancy lightings, digital adulteration or modification is untruthful and unnecessary.  As the seas sustained my livelihood and my family, my stewardship takes on an even greater responsibility. It only makes sense that I give back by contributing more in preservation of our natural world.

    I founded OceanNEnvironment in 1996, a charity organization registered with Environment Australia – its modus operandi is to educate and support conservation projects in the Asia Pacific. Almost all my time and proceeds from my sales are contributed to OceanNEnvironment. I like to thank you for supporting my work, and taking time to visit this site. I look forward to sharing the same ocean with you.

    Published Work

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