An Absolute Essential for Digital Underwater Photographers

    Review by Gill McDonald


    * ESSENTIAL DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS is another excellent book in Michael AW’s popular ‘Essential’ series.


     * THIS BOOK IS AN ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for those who want to shoot beautiful underwater pictures. The modules are precise and well thought-out, giving detailed descriptions and explanations for using cameras, exposure, lighting and shooting techniques for all aspects of underwater photography. A generous number of colourful graphics and photographs are used to illustrate techniques and key points of underwater captures, even photo editing and file management using Photoshop. With clear step-by-step ‘how to’ tutorials, and inspirational examples of the photographers’ craft, the authors share with you the fine art of composition and other secrets for making successful underwater pictures.

     * “A definitive work packed with readily absorbed INFORMATION, tips and techniques that have made his underwater images admired around the world, Michael Aw’s, ‘Essential Underwater Photography Masterclass’ will undoubtedly come to be regarded as a classic of its kind.” David Strike – Editor, Nektonix/ “Organiser, OZTeK”

     *HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM THE PROS, THE MASTERING OF PHOTOGRAPHIC CRAFTSMANSHIP to create beautiful images of our Ocean Planet in today’s Digital World of Photography. Michael Aw and Mathieu Meur have become the Essential Mentors to thousands of underwater photographers, and here is your opportunity to reach new heights with your Underwater Photography with this fast track to success book! “ Ernie Brooks


     Both Michael and his regular collaborator, Mathieu Meur, have an extremely rich and deep history in all aspects of the art of underwater photography, which they have shared in this informative book. This is a truly essential guide: lightweight and portable, yet containing a wealth of practical information, which will serve photographers at virtually any level.

     Readers will find the modular structure of the book easy to follow. In module one, the basics of digital photography are broken down to a basic level, addressed in clear language with ample diagrams and examples. Topics such as understanding exposure, shutter speeds and resolution will provide beginners, who are just embarking on their underwater photographic journey, with the building blocks to make sense of the underwater specifics covered in the rest of the book.

     Module two moves on to the science and practicalities of shooting underwater as opposed to land, and also introduces different lighting approaches. There are plenty of relevant photos throughout the book, providing a visual context for the techniques being explained.

     Moving on from the necessary technical information, the module three deals with the aesthetic aspects of photography; composition and artistic approach. From the machinery of the tools to the magic of the results, the art is as critical as the mechanics in achieving success in this field.

     Though the world has moved on from the days of film, post-production processing is still as valid and necessary as it was when we consigned our precious films to a professional development lab. The difference now, however, is that the darkroom is now in our own hands. Thus, it is vital to understand how to approach picture management and the digital workflow. This is all covered in module four with some really useful tips on getting the best from the raw material stored on your memory cards after a productive dive.

     Finally, module five provides more advanced techniques and much food for thought, including shooting with models, using continuous light and even entering competitions.

     This accomplished guide is written in an easy to read, informal style. In some ways, the most valuable parts of the book are the comprehensive hints sections sprinkled throughout. If you only read these useful little nuggets, you would be well prepared to get in the water and start shooting. However, I highly recommend you read the whole book and I guarantee it will expand your knowledge bank and bring your underwater photography skills to a whole new level.

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