Exploratory expeditions are either undertaken by Michael for an editorial assignment or research of a new location for future Ocean Geographic Society expeditions. When opportunities arise, only very regular expedition members are invited.

    Research expeditions are project driven, routinely scientific and conservation oriented. Some are long term projects such as the Ocean Geographic climate change photographic index in Raja Ampat and Maldives, while some are just one off ventures.  Ocean Geographic Society members receive prioritised invitation to such expeditions.

    Innerspace Celebes Sea 2007

    Explorer Club Flag Expedition Members

    Bahamas - No Shark Fins Shoot 2011

    Cenderawasih Bay Recce Shoot 2010

    Elysium - Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic 2010

    Cocos Deep Sea 2012

    Maldives Climate Change Index 2007

    Raja Ampat Climate Change Index 2008

    Published Work

    "Sharing with Sharks" - National Geographic In a surprising interaction at sea, colossal whale sharks home...
    Researchers believe there are more 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. While about 20% are...
    Thumbnail Michael AW – selected as one of 40 world’s Most Influential Nature’s Photographer Outdoor Photographers Read...
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    Latest News

    ‘began as an epic expedition to the high Arctic. The body of work produced by some of the world’s best...
    Report by Michael AW Together with Marie Levine of Sharks Research Institute,  I was at the 16th meeting of the...
    Premiere Exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum13 April to 3 November 2013. February 2010, a team...
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