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    Only a few fish species compare or exceed the Omega 3 content found in sardines - examples pink salmon, chinook salmon, herring, and Hoki, a cold deep water fish from New Zealand. For this very reason, sardines are the preferred food on the palates of many large marine animals such as sharks, dolphins, seals, whales and discerning seabirds, including gannets and penguins. Since Omega 3 is food for large mammals, they are also good for your brain, joints and libido, I should suggest to the Chinese a gourmet of sardine fins soup instead of shark fin soup. But then....we first need to reposition the price of sardines!

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    January – Palau; worked with two x 1250w HMI lights in Chandelier Cave and plane wreck
    Feb – glued to my desk to finish the video and book for Elysium
    March : was at CITES to witness the big win for sharks and mantas
    April 11– the premiere of ELYSIUM Epic at the Australian National Maritime Museum
    April – interacted with sperm and Blue whales in Sri Lanka
    May – exploratory trip to Gardens of the Queen Cuba
    June – Celebrate the Sea - Ban of all Shark’s product in Brunei
    July – started a shoot for a book project and a 2 day shoot at Aiyanar – gorgeous resort – will be back very soon!
    Aug – Cocos with hundreds of hammerhead and dive to 308m on a submersible
    Sep – had fun shooting flashers and skeleton shrimps at Lembeh Strait
    Oct – annual expedition to an ancient sea – Cenderawasih Bay – happy to be among 10 whale sharks and working with Erin McFadden
    Nov- played with those whimsical sea lions at La Paz and of course received the NOGI award from the American Academy of Science and Arts – Thank you Emory for nominating and all that have voted for me
    Dec – a very colourful trip with my favourite boat – MSY Seahorse to Raja Ampat and Triton Bay

    Thank you to all for being part of my year – you have contributed and I am indebted. Here in a short slide show, I like to share a few pictures with you -

    I like to wish you a very Merry New Year and the very best for the next! Look forward to sharing the same ocean with you soon.


    *oh yes…the next; hope to catch you in my new year
    Jan – OG Essential Masterclass Photo Workshop at Aiyanar
    Feb – Cuba – Gardens of the Queen – back to back trip
    April – hmmm – something is cooking!
    July – Galapagos – evolution in motion expedition
    Aug –Maldives – sharks and mantas trip
    Sep – something is cooking
    Oct – Cenderawasih Bay
    November – hmmmmmmmm
    December – something is cooking!
    special thank you to Mick Valos, Evonne Ong, Cathy Church, Mathieu Meur, Emily Chan, Tessa Neri, MSY Seahorse Liveaboard, Sidney Seok, Cassandra AnnDragon, Siti Kaprawi, Noel Lopez Fernandez, Alan Steenstrup, Joshua Barton, Foo Pu Wen, Stuart Ireland, Richard Arnold, Donny, Jannica Jigmo, Catherine Looi, Pamela Martin, Christian Vizl Mac Gregor, John Thet, Walter Bernardis, Ernie Brooks, Gill McDonald, Jayne Jenkins, Georgina Georgienne Bradley, Erin McFadden , Eric Bettens Composer, Melvin Wong, Alex Alexandra Rose, and all that hve help that I fail to mentioned, I apologise...

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    Will be presenting "Creative Lighting Techniques", 11am, at DIVE 2013, Centre Stage, NEC Birmingham this Sat 26 Oct.

    See you there

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