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    Global Treasures

    Global TreasuresMichael AW’s ‘Indonesia’s Global Treasures’ wins the International Prize for Best Book of the Year at the World Underwater Pictures Festival (Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine). ‘Indonesia’s Enchanted by the richness of the centre of the Coral Triangle, over 12 expeditions, Michael captured the very essence and opulence of the global centre of marine protected areas in the most fascinating details ever published in one exquisite volume.   Indonesia’s Global Treasures is the first book to reveal the immense beauty of seven underwater wonders of our world found in the Indonesian Archipelago. Marine scientists of many disciplines have affirmed over and over again, that Indonesia is endowed with the greatest highest diversity of iridescent corals, fishes, crustaceans, molluscs and marine plant species.  This is the Coral Triangle.  This is the heartland, the bull’s eye of the world’s richest reefs. Indonesia’s Global Treasures showcases these jewels of amazing biodiversity, revealing unique, important creatures that live there and emphasizes the importance of protecting these natural treasures.

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    Essential Coral Reef Guide

    Essential Coral Reef GuideFrom the very first page of an “Essential Guide to Coral Reef Fishes & Invertebrates”, Michael Aw’s love, passion and almost reverence for the sea and its inhabitants shine out. Particularly touching is the ‘In plain truth’ section at the very front of the book which is almost like a love letter to the sea, while still being interesting and useful. As Michael himself points out, there have been many other marine id books published, so what is special about this one? Well, several things actually. Here there are no dry, scientific lists of the wonderful and exotic creatures who live out their lives on a coral reef. Instead, in the fish category each family is addressed with a general description of how to identify the group, what they look like and how to spot them. This is followed by a ‘domain & diet’ paragraph explaining where they can be found and what and sometimes more importantly how they eat, all really helpful information to enable the diver to better understand what he/she is looking at.

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    This Masterclass book presented in 5 Modules is a COMPLETE UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE AND PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES for Creating inspiring Pictures. It is an an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for those who want to shoot beautiful underwater pictures. The modules are precise and well thought-out, giving detailed descriptions and explanations for using cameras, exposure, lighting and shooting techniques for all aspects of underwater photography. A generous number of colourful graphics and photographs are used to illustrate

    A generous number of colourful graphics and photographs are used to illustrate techniques and key points of underwater captures, even photo editing and file management using Photoshop. With clear step-by-step 'how to' tutorials, and inspirational examples of the photographers' craft, the authors share with you the fine art of composition and other secrets for making successful underwater pictures.

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    Published Work

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